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#Correct use of Inflatable Sex Dolls#

Correct use of Inflatable Sex Dolls

Correct use of Inflatable Sex Dolls The outer layer of the product is made of new imported macromolecular environmental protection material TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), and the inner layer is constructed of epoxy resin and various metal joints.

The product materials comply with the relevant safety standards stipulated by the state, and there is no poison to the human body and the environment. Please use it with confidence.

before use

It is recommended to clean the private parts first, and disinfect it with 75% medical alcohol mixed with water.

when using it

Human lubricant must be applied to allow adequate lubrication inside the appliance. To ensure safety guards, it is recommended to wear condoms.

If the inside of the doll is not lubricated enough, the sexual interest will decrease and it will easily lead to cracks in the private parts.

After use

Please clean it in time, rinse the inside of the private parts with water, use 75% medical alcohol mixed with water to wipe the appliance; then put it in warm water to soak

2-3 minutes, let it dry naturally or dry it with a dry cloth and store it in a dark place for storage.


Tpe Inflatable Sex Dolls Instructions for Use