Inflatable Sex Dolls FAQ

Inflatable Sex Dolls FAQ


#Inflatable Sex Dolls washing problem#

➊It is recommended to wash with warm water below 40°C to avoid scratching the surface of the doll with your fingernails. After washing, wait for the surface to dry, and apply the distributed talcum powder evenly on the surface to protect the skin of the doll.

❷You can take a bath and wash directly below the neck, and water above the neck is strictly prohibited! Wipe the head gently with a clean wet towel or cotton swab to ensure the service life of the doll makeup. Accidentally damaged makeup, return to the factory for free makeup, and bear the return shipping. - The genitals can be washed directly, or you can use a vaginal cleaner (gifts are available)

❸Use neutral body wash and shampoo, avoid rinsing with alcohol, strong alkaline detergent, and bleach.

4 - It is generally recommended to wash - - times a month, preferably once every 10 days to ensure the skin quality, feel and service life of the doll.


#Inflatable Sex Dolls Clothing Wear Problem#

➊The skin of the doll is sticky, wiping talcum powder is easy to wear and prevent dust, and you can also spray a small amount of antistatic agent;

❷ Do not twist and swing your arm too much when wearing clothes to avoid skin rupture or colloidal deformation;

❸Do not wear clothing or accessories with sharp edges to avoid scratching the skin. If there are sharp buttons or accessories on clothes or objects, try to avoid wearing them or handle them with care;

❹ If you need to pierce, pierce ears, wear earrings and other accessories on the doll, you can use a needle to pierce the doll first, but the diameter should not exceed 0.5mm, avoid cutting with a knife or other sharp objects, and do not pull hard after wearing the jewelry. , to avoid large deformation or rupture at the perforation;

5. Avoid wearing dyed artificial leather or other oily dyed clothes. Wearing dark clothes for a long time may cause the color to penetrate into the inside of the doll, causing the doll to be dyed.


#Inflatable Sex Dolls Dyeing Problem#

➊ Try to avoid wearing dark or faded clothes for the doll, because the silicone color cannot be washed off, so try to wear light-colored clothes for the doll;

❷Do not put it together with ink. It is best to wash the stockings before wearing them. You can apply talcum powder before wearing (included in the gift);

❸If you accidentally dye it, you can use the color removal cream we distribute. (How to use the color remover: light to medium dyeing, once the color remover is evenly applied to the dyed area, the doll is placed in a dry and cool place, and the stained area can be removed after 24 hours), but try to avoid the occurrence of dyeing. , I hope you guys are careful~


#Inflatable Sex Dolls small breakage problem#

The skin of the doll - once it is damaged, please stop using it immediately and carry out effective repair as soon as possible. If the surface of the doll is damaged in a small area, it can be bonded with the patching agent distributed. First clean the damaged surface, restore the glue at the wound to its original position, and then evenly apply a layer of repairing agent (please use our special repairing agent for TPE glue repair, which can be purchased from our store), Wait for about half an hour to dry.

If the damage is larger or more serious, please do not repair it directly. Please take a photo and contact customer service to confirm the repair plan.


#Inflatable Sex Dolls odor problem#.

TPE is styrene-butadiene rubber, which has a slight odor, and the odor will disappear naturally after leaving it for about a week. After the doll leaves the factory after special treatment, it has a faint fragrance, which is not a quality problem.


Correct use of Inflatable Sex Dolls

Inflatable Sex Dolls