What are the principles for storing sex dolls?

When you want to bring a sex doll into your home, you will be faced with the problem of storage and storage. Also, although it is not something you want to think about too much, you are also concerned about how to dispose of your sex doll if you have to part with it.

In this blog, we will introduce some points in real life that you should be concerned about when purchasing a sex doll, and how to deal with them.

First, about storage. Basically, sex dolls should be stored lying on their backs. It is important to keep all of your joints straight when doing this.

Due to the nature of life-sized dolls, sex dolls tend to be heavy. Therefore, keeping your joints bent puts a lot of stress on the joints of your skeleton.

Also, if you bend the doll's joints, wrinkles will appear on the surface. Even in humans, for example, if you bend your wrist inward, wrinkles will form in the bent area. It's the same. If you leave the wrinkles that form, they will remain as scars.

To reduce the burden on the joints and prevent wrinkles, please store the doll's joints with them stretched out. Also be careful where you sleep.

The flesh of a sex doll is very soft, so if you place it on a hard floor, the part that touches the floor will deform due to its own weight. Lay your baby on the softest mat or cushion possible. It would be best if you could prepare a bed specifically for the doll.

You might think that if you're going to prepare a special bed, you'll also need pajamas, but that's no good. Please be sure to keep your sex doll naked when storing. She took off her socks and underwear, literally completely naked. The reason is to prevent color transfer and deformation.

The material of a sex doll is very delicate, so if you wear the same clothes for a long time, the color of the cloth may transfer to your skin, or your body may change to the shape of the clothes. Even humans sometimes get marks from socks on their feet. If it is a human, it will return to normal if you leave it alone, but in the case of a sex doll, it will not return as easily as a human. ``Lie him on his back,'' ``Stretch his joints,'' and ``Take off all his clothes.''

The above are the principles of sex doll storage.

If you store your sex doll naked, you should be concerned about dirt. Especially for sex dolls, dust floating in the air is also a big enemy. If you leave dust on your skin, it is not uncommon for the dust to stick to your skin and become impossible to remove. However, if you rub it with a cloth, it will generate static electricity, which can make it even more dusty. yeah.

That's why we recommend baby powder . Just apply it on your skin and it will reduce the stickiness that is characteristic of sex dolls and prevent the adsorption of dust and dirt.

You can also prevent skin from sticking together by sprinkling powder on areas where skin touches each other, such as under the armpits or around the groin. Even when your sex doll is in storage, please take care of it carefully.

Another technique for advanced users is hanging storage.

Most sex dolls have removable heads, but you can attach a special attachment to the neck after removing the head, and hang it from a device like a pull-up machine.

Although it is difficult to introduce this method as it requires special equipment, the strain placed on the doll's body and joints is even less than when it is placed on its back.

If you want to live with your favorite doll for as long as possible, please consider installing one.

To avoid worrying about where to store your sex doll

For a new life with a sex doll, the most important thing is to prepare in advance. A sex doll is a life partner, so I don't want to use this analogy too much, but it will be very safe if you prepare as seriously as purchasing new furniture.

Their average height is around 150 cm and their weight is around 25 kg. It's about the size of a small cupboard or refrigerator.

If your room is small, consider giving up on tall dolls and choosing smaller dolls instead.

In order to welcome your sex doll comfortably, first make sure you have a secure storage location and wiring.

How to dispose of a sex doll that you should not do

The day will come when you will have to say goodbye to the sex doll you loved with all your heart. What you should never do in such a case is illegal dumping.

I can't help but feel the urge to throw away an erotic book, just like throwing it away on a riverbank (even though that's a crime these days). Imagine the scene you are in. It's definitely a police incident.

Illegal dumping is a crime and you may be arrested. If the crime is ``illegal dumping of sex dolls'', even if there is no prison sentence, social death is inevitable. You should definitely stop doing this.

If you decide to throw it away, be sure to follow the garbage disposal rules of your local municipality. Another option other than disposal is to ask a sex doll purchasing company to pick it up. For now, this method is probably the smartest.

In addition, although these services are rare at the moment, there are disposal companies specializing in sex dolls and funeral homes specializing in sex dolls. If you have these services near you, you may want to consider using them.

[Summary] Advantages of handling sex dolls carefully

If you look at it again, the biggest bottleneck in living with a sex doll may be when disposing of it.

By handling your sex doll with care on a daily basis, the chances of getting rid of it will be greatly reduced. Also, if you absolutely have to dispose of it, if you handle it carefully, you can have a professional buy it for you.

Loving a sex doll may also lead to migrating and reducing your own burden.

We hope that you will live happily ever after with your doll.