Dolls are important companions for humans, and we spend a lot of time together. Through their long relationship, she has grown attached to the dolls and even takes them with her when she moves. There are some special precautions to take when transporting your doll. When moving, the size and weight of the sex doll can be a big problem, and if the doll is wrapped incorrectly, it can become deformed or damaged. This article will focus on things to keep in mind when moving or packing procedures.

First I have to pack the doll.

When transporting your sex doll, it is best to wrap it tightly in a blanket to avoid scratches. Although a sex doll's skin is fragile, it will not tear even with a light blow. However, if done incorrectly, it can cause friction and scratches, just like human skin. Unlike humans, a sex doll's skin does not heal on its own and must be repaired using external forces, so scratches should be avoided as much as possible.

Hold the shipping box when receiving the product, buy a long box for storage

The best packaging method is to use the cardboard box and packaging materials that come with the doll when you purchase it. All sex dolls are carefully inspected and packaged from the factory before being shipped, so they are very well protected. Avoid damaging the doll even if you move it a little violently.

Also, it may be difficult to find cardboard boxes that fit small dolls under 100cm to 120cm or large dolls over 170cm, but if you have the box with you when you first purchase it, you won't have to worry. If you have a lot of dolls and don't have the space to store the box, we recommend dismantling the box and storing it under the bed. We recommend gluing it with tape before transporting it.

Of course, you can also purchase a wooden box to store your sex doll online, which is convenient and can be used as a sofa or stool.

Be careful with sex doll oil

When transporting, you should be careful about the oil stains on the doll's body, so be careful about the color of the wrapping cloth.Choose a light-colored fabric as much as possible, and avoid dyeing the doll's skin if it is a dark color. Also bring. The phenomenon in which oil and fat ooze out from TPE material is called ``oil ooze'', and if this oil soaks into your clothes, it will be difficult to remove even if you wash it.

Also, this oil extraction causes the dyes used in the cloth to adhere to the doll's skin. Once you do this, your skin color will rarely return. Considering this point, when wrapping a sex doll in cloth, it is best to use white cloth. You can even soak it in oil without worrying about color transfer.

How to hide a sex doll

Some people may think, "Should I leave it to a moving company when moving?" However, some companies may inspect the contents of large packages, so if you don't want to reveal your sexual orientation to others, you may feel uncomfortable about it. I think the easiest way to avoid worrying is to pack it yourself. If you write "furniture" instead of "sex doll" in your application, you don't have to worry about someone finding it.

If you don't want the doll when you move, the best option is to sell it at a store. It may also be a good option to give it to a close partner or to take it home. Currently, Dachiwife allows discarded old dolls to be rehomed free of charge, and customers only need to pay for the postage.