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Member Rewards With Purchase

It pays to shop with us

The Wild Secrets Member Rewards program is an extra way to thank you for shopping with us. It also lets you easily save money on your next purchase or better yet, get it free! 

How does it work?

It's simple! Every time you purchase, you will earn Member Rewards as indicated on each product page, normally 5% of the purchase price.

Activate your account after making your first purchase and your Member Rewards are automatically allocated to your account once your order is shipped.

Additionally, we may run promotions giving Members a chance to earn extra Rewards. 

How do I spend my Member Rewards?

This is the exciting part! Sign into your account when making a purchase and you will have access to your Rewards in the shopping cart.

Then, simply select [click to use] next to your balance to apply the savings to your order.

How do I view my Member Rewards?

A statement of your Member Rewards earned and used can be viewed on your activated Account.

Your current balance will also be visible to you as a subscriber on all email communications.

The more Member Rewards you accumulate, the bigger your savings when you decide to use them. You can even work towards getting your next purchase free!

Member Rewards terms and conditions

By participating in our Member Rewards program, customers understand and agree to its terms and conditions.

  • Member Rewards are allocated to your account only once your order is dispatched.
  • Member Rewards are redeemable only on activated accounts.
  • Member Rewards are not awarded for free items, promotional items, postage costs, or Member Rewards redeemed when placing an order.
  • Member Rewards are not awarded for cancelled, declined or fraudulent orders.
  • Member Rewards expire 12 months from the date of acquisition.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or alter our Member Rewards program at any time.
  • If, for any reason we decide to alter or cancel this program, your earned Member Rewards will not be affected and will remain available for you to use at your convenience.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about our Member Rewards program, please contact our friendly customer service team via email, phone or live chat. Visit our Contact Uspage for details. 

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