Treat the sex doll as a "sex partner" rather than a "masturbation tool"!

For the average person, a sex doll is a "masturbation tool." However, for sex doll lovers, sex dolls are not just masturbation tools, but important "sex partners." What ordinary people would describe as ``masturbating using a sex doll'', sex doll enthusiasts say ``having sex with a sex doll.'' By lovingly having sex with your sex doll in this way, you will become even more attached to it, and if you treat it with care, you will be able to spend a longer period of time with the same sex doll.

Although it is a realistic story, being able to spend a long time with the same sex doll means that you can save money on replacing the sex doll. You can have both the spiritual satisfaction of love and the practical comfort of money.

What are the benefits of having sex with a sex doll?

Advantage 1: You never know when your sexual desire will awaken, allowing you to have as much sex as you want,
whenever you want. You can suddenly feel horny in the morning, during the day, or in the middle of the night. At times like this, I don't know if my human partner will accept me. However, with a sex doll, you can have sex whenever and wherever you want. What's more, whether it's for a long time or a short time, they will treat you kindly until you are satisfied.

Advantage 2: He accepts any kind of play.What

kind of tendencies do you have? And can you tell your human partner that? A sex doll will accept any sexual fetish you have. She even lets me have anal sex, and not only regular fellatio, but deep throat deep throat is also OK. Even if you do ``raw creampie'', which is difficult to do with a human partner for fear of pregnancy, with a sex doll there is no chance of pregnancy.

In addition to physical play, you can also enrich mental play by dressing her in naughty underwear or wearing your favorite cosplay costumes such as a nurse or CA. The only thing you need to be careful about is whether the sex doll has the features that allow you to play the way you want. Failure to check this at the time of purchase can have dire consequences.

Advantage 3: sex dolls do not cheat and do not cause sexually transmitted diseases.

If the person you thought was in love with you was in love with someone would be horrifying to think so. Unfortunately, it is common for relationships between couples and husbands to fall apart due to such "cheating". In the worst case scenario, you may become infected with a ``sexually transmitted disease'' brought in by your partner's affair. On that point, sex dolls will never cheat on you and will not be infected with sexually transmitted diseases. A sex doll is the best partner who will always be devoted to you and who will always enjoy vaginal ejaculation sex without a condom.

What should I be careful about when having sex with a sex doll in order to spend as much time together as possible?

A sex doll will accept any desire you have, but if you treat it roughly, its lifespan will end sooner than you imagine. sex dolls are not cheap purchases. In order to spend as much time as possible with your sex doll, we will tell you four things you should be careful about during sex.

Note 1:

Remove the doll's clothes slowly and carefully. If you remove the doll's clothes roughly, the friction with the cloth will damage the doll's skin and cause tears. To avoid such situations, take your sex doll's clothes off slowly and carefully. Applying baby powder all over your doll's body before putting on clothes will reduce friction with the clothes. Best of all, the sex doll's skin that comes into contact with you will become smoother and it will feel much better to the touch, so we highly recommend using it.

Note 2: Don't force your sex doll into forced positions

. Modern sex dolls are indeed soft due to the development of internal skeletons, silicone used for muscles, and elastomer materials used for skin. You can now take any position you want. However, changing poses too quickly or using too much force can cause cuts and tears. It's the same thing with humans: if you suddenly move violently or try to force yourself into a pose, you're more likely to get injured. In particular, it seems that there are many cases where people try to change their position while uniting with a sex doll, but they get impatient and make mistakes in the amount of force they apply, so be careful.

Note 3: Always use lotion when inserting it into a sex doll

Unfortunately, sex dolls do not secrete love juice no matter how much you caress them. Therefore, be sure to use lotion when inserting it into your sex doll. If you insert it without lotion, too much friction may damage the doll's surface and even your penis. You should use lotion so that you don't waste your precious time. By the way, it is better to apply the lotion not only to the entrance area of ​​the sex doll but also to the depths of the hole as far as possible, so that the sex doll will not feel any pain and your penis will not be damaged and you can enjoy creampie ejaculation. Masu. If you can't get the lotion all the way into the hole, try using a small dropper to get the lotion all the way to the bottom.

Note 4: Wash and clean after sex with a sex doll, especially after ejaculation.After having

sex with a sex doll, your sweat and saliva will adhere to the doll's entire body. In particular, her pussy should be soaked with lotion and the creampie semen you ejaculated. If you leave this kind of dirt, especially the ejaculated semen inside the hole, bacteria will breed, and there is a possibility that you will get an infection or other disease the next time you use it. If possible, wash the doll's entire body with water to remove all dirt and dry it thoroughly to keep it clean at all times. Also, if you apply baby powder on a thoroughly dried sex doll, it will last longer, so please take good care of it.

If you are reluctant to have sex with a sex doll, you can also take pictures!

``I think sex dolls are cute, but I just can't see them as sex partners.'' For people like that, how about using a sex doll not as a sex partner, but as a model for photos? There are many people in the world who have similar hobbies, and there are many cases where images of dressed up sex dolls are uploaded on the internet.

Photo books of sex dolls are also sometimes published, so if you are interested, you may want to purchase one of those books. Also, of course, if you search for not only clothed photos, but also nude images of sex dolls and even gonzo images of the doll with its owner, you will find many hits. If you feel aroused by looking at such images, then it would be a good idea to try having sex with a sex doll.

By the way, on our site XLoveDoll , in order to convey even a little bit of the charm of sex dolls, we post everything from clothed pose images to nude images on each sex doll introduction page. Please take a look at it once, and if you are interested in it, please consider purchasing it. Who knows, maybe that girl will become your sex partner for the rest of your life!