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Company name :    ITYDOLL Trading Co., Ltd.

location : 2526-88 Shimoshizu Shinden, Yotsukaido City, Chiba Prefecture


Business details:    Mail order, wholesale and retail business using the Internet, etc.

Operating stores:, ( Amazon store) 

Store overview: High quality, high performance, and high evaluation (3K) to contribute to improving the quality of life of our customers.
A part-time product that enriches your life by providing    products at affordable prices.

Main products: Healthcare products for adults/art dolls/love dolls 

Product production area: China

Brands handled: Doll4Ever / Piperdoll / Doll House 168 / WMDOLL / JYDOLL/ YLDOLL /SINODOLL / AXB DOLL/SANHUI DOLL / 
RZRDOLL (Android) / SMDOLL / Irontech Doll / Qita DOLL etc. We are also developing our own brand

Operation manager:Yuuma Meijo (Yuma Nashiro)


  • Tel: 0433-86-4642
  • Mobile: 080-3669-6626
  • E-mail:
  • For customer inquiries, we are available 24 hours a day via email.
  • I'm in the middle of the day. started the sex doll sales business in 2017, and after 6 years of development, we have become Japan's largest authorized love doll brand distributor, and at the same time, we also sell high-quality silicone doll brands such as rzrdoll, sinodoll, artdoll, etc. Also an agent. We represent over 40 adult doll brands, offer over 3000 products, and also have our own OEM factory.

Furthermore, we are actively collaborating with real doll manufacturers and AV stars in Japan, and we are working hard every day to provide our customers with superior real love doll products, and we are confident that we will never let you down. Our products are high quality genuine products, not low quality fake brand products. We have two Love Doll showrooms in Chiba Prefecture and Akihabara, and we welcome your visits.

You can actually see the products in our showroom and touch them up close to help you make a better decision. We have earned the trust of our customers through our high quality and courteous service, and we will continue to focus on our business with the motto of "customer first." If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.