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  • Distributor: Japanese authorized distributor ITYDOLL
  • Home page URL: ITYDOLL.COM
  • Operating person: Kohei Kudo: 6-14-13 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • Email
  • For inquiries, please contact us by email
  • Business content: Mail order sales of love doll-related products
  • Business hours: 9:00 to 22:00

How to apply

You can apply using the order form or email.

Sales price: Displayed on each product page.

Payment method

Please transfer by bank transfer or credit card to the bank account specified by our company. Transfer fees will be borne by the customer. We will cover the fees for credit card payments. Acceptable cards include JCB, VISA, and Master Card. Payments can only be made in one lump sum. *Once payment has been made, cancellations cannot be made for any reason.

You can make payment in installments by contacting your credit card company and changing to "revolving payment".
Please contact your credit card company.

Application deadline

Please do so within 7 days. If there is no payment within 7 days, the order will be cancelled.

Required charges other than product price

In rare cases, bank transfer fees, interest rates and customs fees (approximately 3,000 yen) may be required when paying by credit card. In that case, we apologize for the inconvenience, but please bear the burden.

Product delivery time

Since the products are made to order, the delivery time for love dolls made of TPE (elastomer material) is approximately 10 to 25 days after payment is confirmed, and the delivery time for love dolls made of silicone is approximately 15 to 45 days. Before shipping, we will email you a photo of the completed doll. We will ship to the delivery address specified by the customer. It is also possible to store the item at the Sagawa Express office. In the unlikely event that shipping is delayed, we will contact you by email in advance.

About delivery

Free shipping is available anywhere in the country, and you can choose "local delivery". You can specify the date and time. The outer box will be shipped so that the contents cannot be seen. In order to deliver products to our customers as quickly as possible, we provide a direct delivery service from our factory to our customers.

We use reliable shipping companies such as "FedEx", "Sagawa Express", or "Ryutsuo". We will pay the customs duties and taxes. The exterior of the package is made of vertically reinforced cardboard, and the interior is double-packed with Styrofoam. Also, even if a family member accidentally opens the doll, they will not be noticed because the doll is wrapped in a blanket.

About returns and exchanges

If there is an initial defect, or if there is an accident or damage during delivery, please contact us within 5 days. Please note that as all products are made to order, we cannot accept cancellations due to the customer's convenience.

We will only accept returns or exchanges in the case of initial defects recognized by our company. We do not provide any guarantee or compensation for any damage caused directly or indirectly to the customer.

About the product

All of our products are genuine products from carefully selected reliable manufacturers, so you can rest assured. We guarantee the product is the same as the photo. Please note that product specifications and contents may be partially changed without prior notice due to improvements and improvements.

Privacy protection

At the time of application or shipping, we promise to strictly manage the personal information you provide and will never use it for any purpose other than shipping.

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