In the realm of adult companionship, sex dolls have become a popular and personalized choice for individuals seeking a unique and fulfilling experience. Before delving into this world, here are five essential considerations to ensure you make an informed and satisfying purchase:

1. First, let's check whether the sex doll is true or false.

Let's imagine the following. The sex doll you've been looking at for months and dreaming about every day is now up for sale on a new, unfamiliar website, and the photos look great, and they're the same photos you saw on the legitimate website...

So you might be tempted to think that it must be the same doll, especially as you are well aware of the lovey-doll scams on Amazon.

If you have time, please check out sex dolls on Amazon. There are a lot of terrible sex dolls on sale that are obvious even to the untrained eye.

Also, when purchasing a sex doll on Amazon, please be very careful before purchasing.

If you don't want to make a mistake with a sex doll, we recommend purchasing from a retailer that specializes in sex dolls, such as ITYDOLL.

2.Please check the weight of the sex doll. Some sex dolls are heavy!

Unless you're pretty buff and can easily bench press another human, consider the doll's weight before you click buy.

Personally, I'm no gym shark... so when I end up with a 100lb (7 stone/45 kg) doll, I think I need to leave her exactly where I unpacked her. I did. Not only could she not carry her around easily, she also had trouble storing her. I had a hard time getting my girlfriend to pose for her pictures – everything was just a little difficult.

I wish they would think more about weight and choose a lighter doll like WM 157cm B cup. For me, this doll is the perfect weight that I can easily handle...

Of course, there are also smaller dolls and sex dolls with torsos, whatever the body function, the market has you covered.

If you make a mistake, don't worry. Heavy dolls can be amazing. It's best to arm yourself with the knowledge that she's wickedly thick, curvy, sexy, and you'll get better at handling her over time... How much does your doll weigh before you go ahead and make a commitment... Our dolls can be sorted by weight in the side menu.

3. Prepare your clothes and accessories!

At-home photo shoots are great, so you'll probably be doing it yourself, so get your outfits and accessories ready!

"...I bought this doll for one purpose only. I'm not interested in poses, photos, or hairstyles."

They were part of my thoughts before I bought my first doll. As soon as I opened the box, they shriveled up like lettuce lost in the back of the fridge. These dolls are so realistic that you can't help but take pictures. I'd like someone to tell me that they've never taken photos or videos of their dolls, or put their hair in a bun, or at least - have an idea how to do Princess Leia's hairstyle .

Did you have a hair clip or hair band on hand on your first day? Did you have lingerie? Did you have clothes? I didn't and I was kicking myself.

4. Be prepared for cleaning and maintenance

As soon as I clicked and committed to my new companion, I also committed to cleaning and maintenance.

Cleaning is essential. You need to be knowledgeable and realistic about how to clean your doll. Have a planned cleaning schedule. The doll comes with an irrigator, which we recommend using by mixing water with a mildly diluted soap solution. Proper drying after cleaning is important to extend the life of your doll.

One thing I didn't know was that I had to glue the nails, eyelashes, put the eyes back in their sockets, and be prepared to tear the doll's "skin" occasionally. Dolls made from TPE can get dirty, so we recommend ordering emergency TPE glue and stain remover.

 5. It's difficult to stop at just one sex doll

I didn't think it was that guy, but be prepared. Your first doll may not be your last! The first one is much more likely to be just the beginning of the collection. Once your doll develops her personality and starts interacting with others on doll forums, it's very easy to think things like "What if..." or "Oh..she looks nice...". With new developments and technology becoming available, there's always something more coming along, it's a journey, it's a lifestyle and you're now part of the club.

(Oh, and don't forget to reassure the first doll: "Darling, that's not cheating, it's just sharing the love!")


Embarking on the journey of acquiring a sex doll requires careful consideration and research. By keeping these five essential factors in mind, you pave the way for a fulfilling and enjoyable experience with your personalized companion.